The following PhD degrees have been completed at our School since 2013.


Title Researcher
Idiosyncratic Deals in Context: A Three-Paper Thesis Dotun Ayeni
When Engagement Promises meet Business Realities An analysis of strategies, tensions, and roles in the Extractive Industries Eduardo Hernández Melgar
A Study of Pre-professionalisation Processes. The Case of Corporate Social Responsibility in the UK Yinuo Pan
From Hype to Reality: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Practices of Pitching, Evaluating, and Future-Making in an Innovation Competition Alex Christian
Revealing the value of social media data in forecasting tourism demand: evidence from Twitter Yuanming Qiu


Title Researcher
The Boundary Effects of Uncertain Reward Systems in Digital Marketing Sebastian Oliver
How life course turning points influence protean career attitudes and aspirations in later career Jacqui Roulston
Essays on Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategies Emma Wang
Three Essays on Social Innovation Cheng Lu
Invisible hand with visible heart: A multi-level study of impact investing in the United Kingdom Suwen Chen
Essays on Financial Development and Corporate Resilience to Crises Ruoran Zhao
Three Essays on Capital Requirements ad US Community Banks Chenzi Yang
Essays on the Impact of Government Assistance, Capital Regulation, and COVID-19 on Banks Jahir Palas
Same but different: exploring the legitimation processes in Scottish third sector organisations with different funding structures Alina Khakimova
Dynamic Multi-State Delinquency Models: Incorporating Repeated Events, Stress Testing Analysis and Multiple Lending Products Cecilia Bocchio
The Impact of Institutional Complexity on the Role of Middle Managers as Agents of Change in the Public Sector Denise Toscani
Trickster Characters: The Tomboy & The Girlboss, or Gender as a Thin-centred Ideology Inherent to Technological Innovation Under Capitalism Madison Winter Kurchik
On the technological arms race: market quality effects and economic consequences Zeyu Zhang
Understanding Roles in a Broker Retail Venture in the Creative Industries Pamela Villamar González
Mathematical programming for single- and multi-location non-stationary inventory control Xiyuan Ma
The Impacts of Environmental Regulations, Emissions Trading System and Climate Transaction Risks: Evidence from China Tianju Wang
Understanding the Challenges of Blockchain Technology Adoption: Evidence from China’s Developing Carbon Markets Xing Chen
On the possibility of local-expatriate equality in international development Emily Cook-Lundgren
Enrolment, Technical Mediation, and the Obligatory Passage Point: A Socio-Technical Examination of the Canada Green Building Council Jenn McArthur


Title Researcher
Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data for Dynamic Prediction in Credit-Related Applications Victor Medina-Olivares
Essays on banking behaviour: Political access and resilience Roberto Galvan Avalos
The role of civil society organisations in achieving community impact Stefanie Chai
Accelerators and acceleration: A development policy in entrepreneurial contexts of an emerging economy Fizza Chaudhry
Opportunity at the crossroads, where do we go from here? Evidence and conceptualisation of a non-dichotomous emergent opportunity Thomas Ding
Spatio-temporal clustering in application Antonia Gieschen
New approaches to corporate credit rating prediction Leonie Goldmann
Simulation optimisation approaches for robust scheduling of airport ground handling tasks and teams Yagmur Simge Gök
Is ad scarcity effective? Hitmi Al Hitmi
A relational perspective on hybrid organising across the micro, meso, and macro level contexts of social entrepreneurship Florian Koehne
Social capital and financial development Jianan Lu
Why do people commit organisational fraud? Reconstructing fraud theories Ach Maulidi
Embodying entrepreneurship: Everyday practices, processes, and routines in a technology incubator Grant Murray
Enabling innovative business models for emerging low-carbon technologies in the steel sector Hasan Muslemani
The role of crisis management simulation exercises in influencing crisis management team performance Emma Perry
Overcoming complexity and uncertainty through organisational resilience Jason Valette
Essays in empirical corporate finance Jiaman Xu
Essays on the economic implications of corporate governance reforms Mariko Yasu


Title Researcher
Open innovation in public services: An inter-organizational perspective Adedapo Adebajo
The new product development (NPD) process in Islamic banks: the role of Shariah Supervisory Boards (SSBs) Ameira Al Fageh
Essays on development and the function of financial markets Jiafu An
Problematising speed in and around organisations: Struggles over the temporal commons in the British artificial intelligence field Christopher Baird
The role of emotions in the production of literature: An exploration of Edinburgh's creative entrepreneurial ecosystem Marta Bernal
Understanding public and private value: The case of carbon reduction projects in Edinburgh Tie Cui
Social capital and networks: networking events enacting knowledge transactions within an entrepreneurial ecosystem Augusto De Castro Rocha
Simulation optimisation approaches for robust scheduling of airport ground handling tasks and teams Yagmur Gok
Essays on investor sentiment, mispricing, and cross-section of stock returns Xiao Han
Three essays on banking regulations Chao Huang
The interplay between regulatory changes and firm behaviour Suhee Kim
Three essays on mergers and acquisitions Haoyu Li
Investigating the dynamics of actors’ formal and informal organisational change communication during mergers and acquisitions Kenneth Lim
Essays on corporate social responsibility and informativeness Xianda Liu
Organising digital innovation in ERP platforms Fabio Neves da Rocha
Role of religion and ethnic identification in the consumer acculturation process across different generations of British Pakistanis Zeeshan Rafiq
Be older, but don’t look it: Perceiving the ageing body at work Belinda Steffan
Linking carbon pricing jurisdictions Lan Wang
The impact of value co-creation on male cancer patients well-being in the non-medical cancer support setting Qian Wang
A comparative analysis of the Frequentist and Bayesian approaches to stress testing Zheqi Wang


Title Researcher
Global Norms and the Nation-State: The “Modernisation” of Audit Regulations in Kuwait Mohammad Alahmed
Organisational Resilience through Quality Management: A Study on the Impact of the Implementation of Quality Management Principles on Resourcefulness Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed Al Balushi
Regulatory, Institutional and Technological Change in Investment Research Alistair Peter Haig
Addressing the Challenges of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Construction Industry: A Multi-perspective Approach David Jackson
Identity, Design and Emotions During Radical Organisational Change Janina Klein
The Evaluation of Agrienvironmental Participatory Extension Jorie Knook
Improving the Predictive Performance of Longitudinal Risk Models for UK SMEs Haoye Liang
Essays on Bank Diversification Shuo Liang
Conflicts in Top Management Teams: Transitions, Triggers and Actions Ge Liu
Financial Decision-making and the Role of Financial Technology Marcel Lukas
Money, Power and Elites: An Exploration of the Structure and Practices of the Edinburgh Fund Management Field John Millar
Sustainable Banking: Identity, Logics, Liabilities Anastasia Naranova
Networks, Networking, and Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs in Cameroon Ernestine Ning
Exploring Value Creation Processes in Publicly Funded Services: Insights From Inclusive Arts Programmes in Scotland Pablo Escarate Sanchez
Accounting and the State: Transparency as the Art of Government Jonny Tweedie
Role of Emotions in the Production of Literature: An Exploration of Edinburgh’s Creative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Marta Bernal Valencia
Observing Organisational (In)justice: Motivations, Processes, and Reactions Xiaomin Xu
Achieving Resilience? Understanding Social Enterprises' Strategies to Tackle Challenges in Their Delivery of Public Services Yida Zhu


Title Researcher
The Influence of Customer and Organisational Religiosity on the Development of Customer Trust in Financial Services Marketing Relationships Basem Alhazmi
Social Marketing in Public Health: The Adoption and Diffusion of Practice Marwa Al Hinai
Shocking, Offensive and Controversial Receptions of UK Public and Non-Profit Advertising Campaigns: A Multi-stakeholder, Regulatory and Rhetorical Analysis Kristina Auxtova
Political Endorsement and Political Visit: New Evidence of How Governments Influence Capital Markets Weiwei Cai
The Interplay Between Stakeholder Relationship, Accounting Choices and Labour Investment Zhangfan Cao
DEA Methodologies for Assessing the Efficiency Profiles of Commercial Banks Under Heterogeneity Conditions Skarleth Carrales Escobedo
Barriers to Absorption When Grafting Experiential Internationalisation Knowledge Justus Delp
Essays on the Antecedents, Outcomes, and Multiplexity of Informal Innovation Networks in a Mature Industrial Cluster Owais Golra
Understanding Organisational Digital Transformation: Towards a Theory of Search Najmeh Hafezieh
The Long Sale: Future-Setting Strategies for Enterprise Technologies Gordon Haywood
Managing Incentives for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Mengfei Jiang
Exploring the Factors Influencing the Success of UK Service Sector SMEs: An Owner/Manager Perspective Boran Li
Mining Customer Pattern Across Multiple Time-Series-Segments of Traditional and e-Business Market Channels in China Peggy Li
Accounting in the Limelight: Audit, Calculation and Governance in UK Television Yi Ling Ong
The Dynamics of Institutional and Professional Change: The Reform of the Scottish Civil Justice System Ilay Ozturk Kayalak
Designing for Complexity: Data Visualisations in Megaproject Management Matteo Ronzani
Three Essays on the Transformative Role of Technology in Financial Markets Khaladdin Rzayev
Legal Institutions and Financial Markets: The Impacts of Institutions on Corporate Governance and Capital Allocation Cong Wang
The Probabilistic Travelling Salesman Problem Off the Beaten Track: New Perspectives on Clustering, Construction, and Correlation Pascal Wissink
Mathematical Programming Heuristics for Nonstationary Stochastic Inventory Control Mengyuan Xiang
Essays of Inter-firm Linkages and Return Predictability Ran Zhang
Essays on Credit Ratings Sheng Zhao
Essays on Financial Markets Lillian Zhu


Title Researcher
Three Empirical Studies on the Performance of Firms Involved In M&As and IPOs Yang Bai
Novel Information in Estimating Loss Given Default in Brazil Angela De Moraes
CEOs with International Experience under Weak Institutions Tinghua Duan
A New Local Search in the Space of Infeasible Solutions Framework for the Routing of Vehicles Mona Hamid
Green Innovation Adoption in the Construction Sector: The role of Absorptive Capacity and the Effect of Environmental Requirements Rushanim Hashim
Essays on Banking Ivan Lim
Workplace Destructive and Constructive Deviance Behaviour in India and the USA: Scale Development, Validation, Theoretical Model Development and Testing Kanimozhi Narayanan
The Viscosity of Stigma: Media Experiences, Intersectionality, and the Life-Course of LGBTQ+ Consumers Ana-Isabel Nölke
An investigation into methods of predicting income from credit card holders using panel data Denys Osipenko
Three Studies on Institutional Entrepreneurship in the Informal Economy: A Grounded Theory Approach Carmelo Paviera
Adoption of voluntary CSR initiatives: Tales of the UN Global Compact Bertha Pérez-Rocha
Place and Competitive Advantage: A Qualitative Study of Financial Services in Edinburgh and Glasgow Philip Riddle
Communicating ethical business practices and its effects on the knowledge, perception and behaviour of stakeholders Heather F. Ross
An Investigation of Organizational Resilience Through Team Operations in Challenging Conditions Melike Senturk
Three essays on benchmarks, derivatives, and OTC markets Tom Steffen
UK Equity Market Microstructure in the Age of Machine Yuxin Sun
Exploring Organisational Perspectives On, and Approaches To, Venture Philanthropy Amongst Four Funders [2011-2014]: Convergence or Divergence? Yan Wendy Wu
Corporate Governance in Chinese Listed Companies: How Managerial Characteristics Matter? Lu Xing
Three Essays of Empirical Asset Pricing in the UK Hang Zhou


Title Researcher
Drivers, Enablers, and Barriers of Developing Commercialisation in an Oil-Dependent Economy: The Case of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Abdulaziz Alakeel
Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management Practices Ruchi Agarwal
Co-producing public services: the case of health and social care services for older people Katharine Aulton
Capabilities, Recipes, and Firm Performance: How Industry Recipes Influence the Application of Dynamic Managerial Capabilities James Bradley Bezjian
Technological Innovations in Voluntary Organisations: Towards a Sociology of Relaxed Infrastructures Ali Eshraghi
Information Quality Frames: An Information Product Perspective and A Socio-cognitive Approach to Perceiving Quality of Information in Organisations Farjam Eshraghian
Organising Nature As Business: Discursive Struggles, the Global Ecological Crisis, and a Social-Symbolic Deadlock Jan George Ferns
Role of Ownership and Governance in Bank Risk and Performance: An Econometric Study Seán Harkin
Towards Accounting Semiology: An Interdisciplinary Re-Conceptualisation of IFRS Asset Recognition and Measurement Shaul Hayoun
Performativity of Strategy Tools As Activation Devices: A Case Study of Strategy Development Within a UK Financial Institution Onyaglanu Idoko
Learning, Consumption, and Work in Higher Education: An Exploratory Study of Changing Student Experiences Jakov Jandrić
Accounting for Crisis: The Power of Ambiguity in the Management of Humanitarian Emergencies Marian Konstantin Gatzweiler
Cultural Intelligibility of Anxiety: Young Women, Consumer Culture, and the ‘Project’ of the Self Aliette Victoria Lambert
Through the Crisis: UK SMEs Performance During the ‘Credit Crunch’ Meng Ma
Retail Distribution Review: “A Critical Evaluation of the Retail Distribution Review” James McCourt
Design and Performance Evaluation of Bankruptcy Prediction Models Mohammad Mahdi Mousavi
Empirical Examination of Customers’ Attitudinal, Emotional, and Behavioural Reactions in a Service Termination Context Amin Nazifi
New Analysis Methods For Public Private Partnership Projects Mohammad Rajabi
Critical Account of Ideology in Consumer Culture: The Commodification of a Social Movement Alexandra Serra Rome
Young professionals and the pursuit of happiness at work Ilona Suojanen
Risk Attitudes and Safety Culture in the English Fire and Rescue Services Geoffrey Tempest Wood


Title Researcher
Quality of foreign direct investment inflows and host country institutional capacity. Nataliya Acc-Nikmehr
Corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting - specifically the application of consequential methods to corporate GHG accounting. Matthew Brander
Social Discourse of Management Knowledge Transfer: A case study of Pakistan. Khalil Ahmed Channa
Ideas Made Real: How the multiple logics embedded in a mediating instrument come to be enacted in practice James Dunn
Investigations of Entrepreneurial Activities in Crowdfunding Denis Frydrych
The Valuation of Foreign Listed Chinese Firms. The Learning Process of Institutional Investors: Evidence from Chinese IPO Investors Youyan Fu
Financial Mathematics. Operational Risk Modelling. Banking sector Betty Johanna Garzon Rozo
Entrepreneurial behaviour and the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems under uncertainty: Essays on regenerative medicine venturing at the university-industry boundary David Johnson
Strategic and stakeholder management in the new Ghanaian oil and gas industry. Benonia Manu
Knowledge and entrepreneurial learning on New Technology-based Firms Elizabeth Montoya Martinez
A Critical Account of Ideology in Consumer Culture: The Commodification of a Social Movement Alexandra Rome
The Relationship between Enterprise Risk Management and Firm Performance: A Macro Analysis of Thai Enterprises Juthamon Sithipolvanichgul
Performance Management and Budgeting in Public Sector Organisations Mo Yan
Learning and loss aversion: Evidence from a financial betting market Tomás Ó Briain


Title Researcher
Understanding Leadership Development for Young People: Creating a Multi-Dimensional and Holistic Framework for Emerging High-School Students As Future Leaders in KSA Saleh Abdulaziz Almohaimeed
Dual sourcing strategy: is it effective in mitigating supply disruption Nurakmal Ahmad Mustaffa
Networks of Female Entrepreneurs in Technology-Based Firms in Jordan: Structure, Content, and Evolution Wejdan Alakaleek
The role of social capital and network relationships in the internationalisation of high technology INVs Spiros Batas
Study of Business Model Innovation: Developing New Frameworks of Business Models for the Future C.H.M. Kasun Priyanka Chandrasekara
International entrepreneurial opportunities: Roles of networks, knowledge and serendipity Valerie Bell
Understanding inter-organisational relationships in public-private partnerships: A study of educational PPPs in Pakistan Sidra Irfan
“An investigation of patterns of self-brand personality alignment” Maria Karampela
How simple models outperform complex models in equity valuation Ja Ryong Kim
The Emergence of a New Actor Category in Electronic Word of Mouth Communication Benjamin Koeck
Investigation of Chinese Export Trading Companies: Integrating Institutional Perspective Into Transaction Costs Analysis Jia Li
The non-economic reasons Taiwanese entrepreneurs exit China - the emotional perspective Yang-Pei Lin
Advertising Greenness in China: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Corporate Chinese Advertising Discourse Shubo Liu
Innovation in Family Firms from Developing Countries: The Role of Familiness Sara Lopez Gomez
Management in increasingly collaborative and integrated Healthcare Service Systems: the changing managerial role and the need to re-frame Management Development as concept and practice Ally R. Memon
Boards, CEOs and bank behaviour: Regulatory and performance Louis Nguyen
3 Essays on Credit Risk Modeling and the Macroeconomic Environment Dimitrios Papanastasiou
Towards Re-conceptualising and Measuring Brand in Services: A Consumer Perspective Vandana Pareek
Public Management Reforms in Developing Countries: The case of health sector reforms in Punjab, Pakistan Yaamina Salman
Essays on corporate boards Vathunyoo Sila
CEO Inside Debt Holdings and Risk-Taking in US Banks: Evidence from Three Bank Policies Abhishek Srivastav
The Development of 'Sustainability-Banking' Capability in the Changing Institutional Environment: The Case of Royal Bank of Scotland Veselina Stoyanova
The Determinants and Consequences of Working Capital Management Sasithorn Supatanakornkij
Identifying Barriers to School Improvement: An Examination of the Impact of New Public Management on the Dual Role of the Head Teacher in Scotland, Exemplified Through the Application of Staff Absence Management as a Surrogate for the Adoption of New Public Management Techniques Grace Vickers
Internationalisation of Hidden Champions and other global niche strategy variants. A comparison between German and British world market leading companies. Alessa Witt
Strategic volunteer management planning and implementation in Scottish third sector organisations: understanding the volunteer psychological contract Bing Wu Berberich
Modelling Loss Given Default of Corporate Bonds and Bank Loans Xiao Yao


Title Researcher
Making carbon count: The role of carbon accounting in carbon management and markets Francisco Ascui
The Audit Society in action: a study of audit and performance management in the National Health Service in Scotland Alison Cumming
The Effect of Corruption Distance on FDI Flows to Latin America Jose Godinez
Public Accountability and Crisis in the Banking Sector: The Case of the UK Elisa Henderson
The Contribution of Ghana's Development of Polytechnics to National Prosperity and Challenges to their Sustainability - Focusing on Staff Turnover Sulemana Iddrisu
Legitimising Sustainability: how individuals gain legitimacy for an emerging corporate strategy from internal organisational actors Sarah Ivory
A holistic and exploratory approach to the internationalisation of location-intensive food service SMEs from emerging markets Mahmoud Abdel Khalik
Towards a triadic creative role: Hong Kong advertising creatives' responses to the rise of social media Pui Lee
Predicting Corporate Financial Distress with Corporate Efficiency and Corporate Governance Measures Zhiyong Li
From 'Made in China' to 'Created in China' The Development of a Country Brand in the International Exporting Context Fenfang Lin
Corporate Capture of Financial News Media Desné Masie
Customer Switching Behaviour: An Exploratory Study of Predictive Factors in the UK Retail Banking Context Hanim Misbah
Engaging on Corporate Social Responsibility: the Impact of FTSE4Good on Environmental Management, Countering Bribery and Mitigating Climate Change Tatiana Rodionova
A Performative View of Knowledge, Exploitation and Exploration: A Case Study of a Higher Education Merger Mehdi Safavi
Trans-generational Continuity in Family Business Shariq Sheikh
The corporate governance reform in a developing country - the case of Bangladesh Md. Sobhan
Influences of Context and Culture on Singaporean Strategic Investment Decision Making Practices Christine Soh
Strangers in a Strange Land: Strategy development for diminishing liabilities of newness and foreignness in transnational entrepreneurial companies Stoyan Stoyanov
Comparative Analysis of Mobile Payment Sectoral Systems of Innovation and Service Innovation between the United Kingdom and India Heather Webb
Chinese subsidiaries in the UK: nature and motives for investment and learning processes Yan Zhuang


Title Researcher
Risk Management Through Derivative Hedging Instruments in Islamic Finance Sherif Ayoub
Entrepreneurship in Rural Malaysia: An Investigation of Handicraft Producers in Sabah Region Noor Fabeil
Governing Emergency Management: Does Increasing The Role Of The Third Sector In Scottish Emergency Response Increase Resilience? Clare Moran
Inside the New Sites of Innovation: How User Communities Influence Complex Enterprise Technologies Hajar Mozaffar
Politics and Middle managers in the strategy process of international partnerships Konstantinos Tsanis
Institutional change and the emergence of Chinese HNWIs Rich Wei
Intellectual Capital Reporting Viktoria Zerr
Learning and capabilities development in Chinese MNCs: Chinese and UK cases Yan Zhuang
Research interests are in studies of work and occupations and identity. Particular interest in secretarial work in public and private organisations. Debora Zuin