Staff and visiting scholars present up-to-date research through our vibrant series of seminars.



Oops I Did It Again—Understanding Moral Disengagement and its Role in Sexual Abuse

  • with Rosalind Searle; Professor in Human Resource Management and Organisational Psychology; University of Glasgow
  • Calendar Wednesday
  • Clock 14:00–15:30
  • Navigate Conference Room

Professor Searle presents her study of the mindsets of perpetrators in order to better identify ways to reduce the vulnerability of service users and employing organisations.

Organisation Studies Seminar



Inaugural Lecture—Our Daily Food Lives: the Good, the Bad, and the Downright Difficult

  • with Professor Mary Brennan; Chair of Food Marketing and Society and Director of UG Programmes; University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Calendar Wednesday
  • Clock 17:30–19:30
  • Navigate Auditorium

Join us for an inaugural lecture on daily food lives.

Inaugural Lecture