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Post Doctoral Research Fellow for Wendy Loretto (Org Studies)

+44 (0)131 651 1035

Roles and Responsibilities

Laura has been appointed to work with Professor Wendy Loretto on three research projects:

  1. Grandparenting and employment (University of Edinburgh/University of Brighton)
  2. Negotiating civilian and military lives: Reserves, family and work’ (ESRC/MoD)
  3. Uncertain futures: negotiating extended working lives (ESRC/MRC)


Laura Airey is a qualitative social science researcher with particular expertise in all aspects of designing, conducting and analysing in-depth, semi-structured interviews. Her PhD research used in-depth interviews with women at mid-life to explore the health-relevance of structural inequalities and gendered social roles.

After completing her PhD, Laura worked for several years at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, University of Edinburgh, where she undertook research exploring women's experiences of paid employment and unpaid care over the life course. Whilst at CRFR, Laura also worked with Sarah Morton on several research impact evaluations.

Research Interests

Key research interests include:

  • lay experiences of combining paid employment and unpaid caring roles across the life course
  • the health-relevance of structural inequalities and gendered social roles
  • lay accounts of health, illness and well-being
  • social and spatial inequalities in health.

Research Area

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