This flagship programme, next running in September 2020, is designed to fit around work so you can build your capability for incisive analysis, innovation, and strategic leadership, and support your progression into senior leadership roles.

The Edinburgh Executive MBA

Our Executive Development Team explain how the Edinburgh Executive MBA will prepare you for a senior leadership role within your chosen career.

Programme Structure

Our Executive MBA combines academic theory and practical application. Beginning with a solid grounding in core management disciplines and concepts, the programme progresses to strategic thinking and specialisation through a range of option courses.

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Employer Benefits

An Executive MBA offers dual benefits. It is an excellent investment to support your own leadership development but it will also contribute to your employer's innovation and strategic development as you develop your skills over two years.

Employer Benefits

What Makes Our Executive MBA Programme Unique?

  1. Strategic Leadership
    A new approach to leadership, emphasising a proactive, entrepreneurial and responsible way of thinking and acting.
  2. Innovation
    A focus on innovation to help challenge your assumptions about business models and explore new business ideas. This includes an early assignment engaging with pioneering start-ups.
  3. Expertise
    Access to world-class faculty, particularly from centres of excellence in Strategic Leadership, Finance, Innovation, Marketing and Operations.

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Professional Development

This programme includes a particular focus on the individual participant's leadership and professional development. We provide a dedicated leadership coach to discuss and advise on work and life choices. These sessions can be offered both face-to-face and telephone meetings.

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