The Executive MBA is distinguished by the focus of its content, new perspectives on leadership, the expertise of faculty, an applied orientation, a convenient format, the options for specialisation and personal and professional coaching.

  1. Strategic Leadership
    A new approach to leadership, emphasising a proactive, entrepreneurial and responsible way of thinking and acting.
  2. Innovation
    A focus on innovation to help challenge your assumptions about business models and explore new business ideas. This includes an early assignment engaging with pioneering start-ups.
  3. Expertise
    Access to world-class faculty, particularly from centres of excellence in Strategic Leadership, Finance, Innovation, Marketing and Operations.
  4. Application
    Extensive opportunities to apply theory in practice, either through project work based on your own organisation or through consultancy projects with external companies.
  5. Influence
    Stretch your influencing capability through training in public speaking, negotiation, facilitation, consulting, crisis-communication and media management.
  6. Network
    Study alongside colleagues from a wide range of industry sectors and build international networks with the wider MBA and University community.
  7. Specialism
    Choose from a range of option courses to specialise in aspects of strategy, finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  8. Business Insight
    Access an extensive range of practitioner experts through Business School and Entrepreneurship Club (E Club) talks and events by senior business practitioners.
  9. Convenience
    A learning format that reduces the time spent away from your day job.

Learning Format

We have designed a programme with convenience and flexibility in mind for you and your employer. Over a two year period, we combine short intensive bursts of face-to-face classroom interaction with online learning support.

Most courses involve visiting Edinburgh once a month for two days (Friday/Saturday) of lectures and seminars. Classes run from 9.30am to 9pm on Friday and from 8.30am to 6pm on Saturday. The Strategic Leadership and Option Courses are delivered in one-week intensive blocks.

Between courses, you will be supported in your assignments by periodic online tutorials and access to extensive information resources. You will also have access to a leadership coach who will be available for personal or telephone discussions depending on your preferences and needs.