The most effective career strategy is one you develop and own, one that is custom-built for your needs: to do that, you need leading edge diagnostic tools, contact with industry leaders, skills enhancement workshops, and personalised attention.

All of that and more is available in a programme with excellent success helping our graduates pivot into the roles they want.

Career outcomes

The success of our MBA programme is reflected in the career destinations of our graduates.

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Career development services

  • Access to the University’s central careers service
  • Recruiter/employer sector-specific presentations and guest speaker events
  • MBA-specific job platforms
  • Webinars
  • Skills workshops

Business engagement treks

Expand your horizons in offsite industry visits to help you connect to and learn from a range of diverse organisations (including, for example — Amazon, Royal Bank of Scotland, National Health Service (NHS), and a range of start-ups) across sectors and geographic locations.

Sessions can be in-person or virtual and help champion and promote the proven benefits of a diverse and inclusive business culture.

An example is our Women in Leadership Trek to London. This two-day, student-led event in London offers you the opportunity to hear from panels and keynote speakers, and participate in workshops led by inspirational business leaders who have achieved significant success in their careers.

The Employability Conference

The Employability Conference is all about developing your network. This is not a recruitment fair (remember, we work with you individually on your career strategy, so passive recruitment fairs are not the ideal tool for MBAs).

This is an opportunity to learn from industry experts in a variety of sectors and understand how your experience prior to the MBA, coupled with your skills and knowledge development on the programme, can be combined into an effective career narrative.

What are employers looking for? The Employability Conference will help you find out so that your career strategy can be targeted to your sector of choice, here are some examples previously included:

  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Energy
  • Entrepreneurship

Project support

Your MBA offers a number of opportunities to work directly with industry. Depending on the coursework in each year, and the electives you choose, you may work on anywhere from one to three different projects to hone your consultancy skills.

Your careers team will help find companies for Strategic Leadership consultancy projects, the Consultancy Challenge, and your Final Project. Whether you are developing a business plan or analysing data for your final project, you will work with companies like:

  • Amazon
  • NatWest
  • NHS

Putting into practice everything you have learned on the MBA.

Alumni connections

Access a powerful and warm network of over 20,000 alumni worldwide. This network of Business School alumni opens up for candidates who see the value of a global network in every sector.

Once you have your career strategy built, and your narrative written, we can help you connect with alumni in your area of interest.

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