The structure of the MBA programme offers flexibility by providing a choice of electives alongside compulsory courses.

We currently plan to deliver a mix of in-person and digital teaching for the academic year starting in September 2021. We are monitoring government guidance on Covid-19 prevention measures and we will adjust our 2021/22 plans in response to any relevant changes. Based on current information we expect some physical distancing measures are very likely to still apply when the academic year starts in September 2021. We anticipate a further update on this later in the Spring.


Between September and July, students study eleven foundation courses in major disciplines including strategic leadership, professional development, finance and economics, strategic marketing, and operations improvement.


Here your studies can be tailored towards your specific career interests through the selection of option courses from a wide range.

MBA Critical Thinking Report

Towards the end of the MBA programme students write a 5,000 word problem-solving assignment. This is a real-life assignment based on an organisation for which students have previously worked or might wish to in the future. The assignment identifies the problem and offers a critique of why the organisation faces the problem, plus a theory driven solution.

To give you an idea of what the programme structure and courses might consist of, the below information details the structure and courses for this programme in 2020/21.



Introduction to the Programme


  • Building High Performance Teams activities
  • Introduction to Strategic Leadership
  • MBA Orientation and Study Skills

Summer Term


Additional Information

In addition to the main programme, a series of practitioner speakers and Masterclasses will be organised on specialised topics in response to contemporary business developments and student interests.

*We will notify applicants of any changes to the programme structure and courses by 15 June in the year of entry to the course. We cannot guarantee that all option courses will run each year and occasionally there will be last minute amendments after this date due to unforeseen circumstances such as staff illness.

The content of individual courses and the programme for any given degree are under constant academic review in light of current circumstances and may change from time to time, with some programmes and courses being modified, discontinued or replaced.

Due to high demand we cannot guarantee students a place on the optional course of their preference. Equally, if there is not enough interest in a given year for an option course then it may not be viable for us to run that particular option course. Some combinations of option courses may not be possible due to scheduling constraints.

Core and Elective Courses

Full programme details, including all available core and elective courses can be found on the University Degree Programme Tables website.

MBA Degree Programme Table