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Since the launch of the Edinburgh MBA, more than 3,600 managers have graduated with the prestigious qualification. When asked why they chose Edinburgh, the reasons are very clear and often very similar: the vibrant capital city, the international reputation of the University, the diversity of the student community, the distinctive programme content and the quality of faculty.

Latest from the UEBS Life blog

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Latest from the UEBS Life blog

Into the deep Blue Lagoon – Business Trek to Iceland and the last leg of my MBA

4th July 2018

The aim of this business trek was to understand the country, visit a few businesses and do a bit of shopping. Quite straightforward. We didn't realise this was going to be trek with a difference; and the knowledge I gained was fascinating.... Continue reading

What our students think

Tuta Wamanga

MBA, 2017

What attracted you to the Business School?

I liked the fact that the MBA class is quite mature and diverse and I felt I would be able to learn a lot from my classmates. The MBA has offered me the chance to get further international exposure through the exchange programme option, which fits perfectly with my career goals.

What has the Edinburgh MBA allowed you to achieve?

Personal development is a key aspect of the MBA. In addition to the theoretical concepts that I have been exposed to on the range of subjects that I am taking, I have been able to enhance my soft skills. I have also had numerous opportunities to network within and outside the School.

What do you think of Edinburgh as a city?

Edinburgh is a beautiful city and it is a joy to visit. It is highly cosmopolitan and the people are friendly – they are always willing to give a helping hand when you cannot find where you are going!

How did you find the application process?

The application process was straightforward. The staff that I interacted with during the process were friendly and encouraging, queries were answered promptly and this enhanced the positive feeling I had about the School.

Ritesh Kotak

MBA, 2017

What has the Edinburgh MBA allowed you to achieve?

I have had an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone through projects, presentations and professional development workshops. The continuous networking has allowed me to build a global network across sectors.

What has been your personal highlight?

My personal highlight was the team building simulation in Dunkeld. The entire MBA cohort travelled north to participate in different simulations, which pushed us to our limits. The process highlighted our strengths and the areas for improvement that we should focus on throughout the MBA.

What are your fellow MBAs like?

They are friendly and willing to share. This is a time to learn and grow and the honesty and openness of the people I have met from across sectors has provided me invaluable insights into different industries. After only a few months on the MBA I had already built meaningful friendships. The diversity of the cohort creates an inclusive culture – 45 unique individuals from 6 continents representing 25 countries. You cannot help but feel inspired!

The different teams at the Business School really want you to succeed and are passionate about what they do. The staff are accessible, former students are willing to help and you are assigned a personal tutor. Whether it is answering a query in an email or grabbing a cup of coffee together, they want to make time for you and support you on your journey. The professors provide invaluable feedback on a regular basis, which allows you to grow as a student and as a future leader.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to explore how emerging technology such as Blockchain will impact our institutions. Everything will be affected, from banking to policing. I would like to assist organisations to avoid the pitfalls but more importantly to leverage these technologies to create new opportunities.

What our Alumni think

Traci Tufte

Traci Tufte

MBA Distinction 2013

MBA Exchange
Shanghai International MBA, Tongji University
BSc Business Management, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Professional Background
Post UEBS position
Marketing & Business Development Manager, Speech Graphics

Despite a successful career in retail, Traci was not pursuing the international career she sought. Her post-MBA role now takes her around the world visiting new clients and promoting a new technology product in a global market. So how did she make the jump?

I always knew I wanted to work internationally; it's what I felt I was missing in my career and that was my main goal for the MBA. Something so unique and incredible about the MBA programme is the international cohort. Students come from all over the world and I was very lucky to form close relationships with many of them. Now I have connections spanning every single continent and many different countries.

Traci always suspected she would return to retail after the MBA, but her post-MBA role in a small technology start-up, Speech Graphics, couldn't be more different.

The MBA Development Team at the School connected me to Speech Graphics and I completed an internship there: I knew then I wanted to stay on in the UK to develop the role. The start-up community in Edinburgh is thriving, particularly the technology sector. There are regular meet-ups and professional networking opportunities; it's great to be part of that growth.

Traci comments that her new network has been invaluable during the transition from a corporate setting to her role in a start-up in an entirely new industry.

I know there are people who I can call on with specialist expertise if I need input into a project I'm working on. That wouldn't have been possible without the MBA.

The MBA really helped me to take my knowledge and skills into a completely new context. The Strategy courses have been critical to my career, but surprisingly Decision Analytics is probably the new skill that I most value. The start-up environment is fast-paced — you're regularly working out with your remit and decisions often have to be made very quickly.

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