Career Summary

28 years' experience serving as a police officer in the province of Ontario. Extensive experience in coaching, mentoring, supervising, community safety projects, developing cross-sector teams, policy development, best practices and training (design and delivery of all mandated academic and use of force related materials). In addition have pursued parallel entrepreneurial ventures including: Owner/President, Steward Holdings Incorporated-property rentals and management (2012-2018); Owner/CEO, ATX Pest Control-pest control eradication and client education (2017-2018).

Key Skills

Extensive experience in innovating, creating and finding solutions for complex critical issues. Proven change agent with the ability to lead and develop effective, meaningful community collaboration and relationships. Programme designer, grant writer, educator, police trainer (all manner of academics, weapons, tactics and use of force) and public speaker. Province of Ontario recognised expert in community safety. Skilled in establishing high functioning teams to address critical organisational challenges. Adept in understanding cultural sensitivities in working with diverse teams. Strong written and verbal communication skills coupled with a high degree of integrity and ethical decision-making capability. Possesses extensive knowledge and practical application of policy and law. Skilled in major event organisation and has undertaken significant volunteer work.

Languages Spoken


Future Objectives

Seeks opportunities in public safety consultation, national defence, strategy, product development and best practices. Demonstrably diverse background and broad scope of experience providing a unique perspective when looking at the challenges facing organisations today. Interested in exploring challenging opportunities to expand knowledge, develop innovative products and work to improve corporate success.

Platoon Sergeant

Brantford Police Service

Nov 2017 – Sept 2018 (and Sept 2010–April 2013)

Communications Sergeant

Brantford Police Service

May 2017 – Nov 2017

Community Safety Section Sergeant

Brantford Police Service

April 2012 – 15 May 2017

Management Studies Diploma

McMaster University, Ontario

Dec 2010 – Sept 2001

Police Administration Certificate

McMaster University, Ontario

Sept 1995 – May 2001

Accredited Certified Municipal Manager Level III

Ontario Municipal Management Institute

Feb 1991 – Nov 2017