Career Summary

Worked as sales manager for 3.5 years. Developed the sales plan according to the existing and potential market, personnel configuration, operation cost, and target profit margins. Focused on team-building and leading a high-performance team. Subsequently employed as business development and project manager within a Japanese company for 2.5 years. Organised the workforce to conduct market research, evaluate and target potential clients, and formulate effective marketing strategies with the company’s strengths. Led the sales team to develop several key clients accounting for over 50% of the total company turnover in 2016. Planned the project schedule and led a cross-functional and multicultural team to achieve high customer satisfaction. Managed four large-scale projects located in different cities at the same time.

Key Skills

Excellent communication, execution and management skills gained through working with cross-functional and international teams. Experience in both B2B and B2C marketing environments. Strong business acumen and a results-oriented approach. Thrives in multi-tasking and operating within fast-paced environments. Flexible and adaptable to different environments. Effective at reviewing processes, minimising inefficiencies and motivating teams to succeed. Comfortable operating in high-pressure situations with an ability to bring out the best in other team members.

Languages Spoken

Chinese, English

Future Objectives

To grow in a multinational and dynamic firm and to further develop management and leadership skills in business development and marketing areas.

Business development and Project Manager

Tianjin Xiwang International Trading Co., Ltd (Shanghai Branch)

2016 – 2018

Sales Manager

Shanghai Zhixiao Trading Co., Ltd

2012 – 2015

Technical Assistant

Shanghai Carpoly Coating Co., Ltd

2010 – 2012

Bachelor of Engineering

Changzhou University

2006 – 2010