Melissa Getzabel Ponce Escoto Headshot

Full-time MBA

Career Summary

Highly motivated with a strong professional work ethic demonstrated during more than ten years of experience in operations and management for mobile network operators and internet service providers. Promoted to Front Office Manager at Huawei Technologies, becoming responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the largest mobile operator in Honduras, with more than 3,200 radio base stations. Reduced the “mean time to repair” for business customers’ complaints by 40%. Eight years of experience managing over 50 direct employees and subcontractors. Over three years of experience in managing a multimillion-dollar OPEX budget. Committed to the development of positive working relationships and the promotion of working environments that value cultural diversity and gender equality.

Key Skills

Dynamic and challenging professional with proven track record of guiding multifunctional teams towards solving complex problems. Strong abilities to handle relationship with internal and external customers through active listening, proposal of customised solutions, and delivery on time.

Languages Spoken

Spanish, English

Future Objectives

Strong interest in work on projects in which technology and artificial intelligence can be used as a platform to improve business innovation and operations, solve global challenges such as digital gaps, gender equality and climate change.

Front Office Manager

Huawei Technologies

2013 – 2018

Head of Transmission and Network Availability

Millicom International Cellular

2011 – 2013

Head of Technical Support

Millicom International Cellular

2010 – 2011

Master of Science, Advanced Information Technology and Telematics

Universidad de Murcia

2009 – 2010

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineer

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

2001 – 2007