On the MSc in Business Analytics you will have the opportunity to work with industry and business professionals in a variety of ways, such as through company sponsored dissertations, guest lectures, and career exploration treks.

Investment Management Consultancy Project

Our students share their experience of working with a client for their investment management consultancy project.

Company Sponsored Dissertations

A company sponsored dissertation (CSD) involves a student carrying out an authoritative piece of work on a business or management issue identified by a project client.

The work will typically take an in-depth look into a defined research area and result in a substantial report containing extensive research, rigorous analysis and practical conclusions.


  • Real project defined by a company's business needs
  • Enhances your technical skills, also developing further transferable skills
  • Gain an insight into the sponsoring company
  • You get to network and raise your profile
  • Enhances employability and adds to your CV

Past companies include:

  • Hubpay Limited
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service


Throughout the year, the School gives students the opportunity to engage with industry and business professionals in their own environments.


  • Developing your knowledge of an industry, sector, or geographical location in order to make the best career choices
  • Getting a feel for the culture, people, and values of particular companies
  • Building your network of industry professionals and alumni

We run different types of treks:

  • Local treks: involve visiting organisations in and around the Edinburgh area
  • Industry treks: take place over the course of two or three days and are designed to give insight to a particular industry through visiting a series of related organisations, typically in a location away from Edinburgh
  • Thematic treks: generally programme-specific and focus on issues surrounding employability and the main learning outcome of your programme.

Cross-programme trip to Dublin

Past trek locations for the programme have included Tata Consultancy Services and Databricks.

Guest lecturers

Within modules of the programmes our academic team bring in senior figures from relevant international organisations to talk about specific subject matter and its application to real world working challenges.

These lectures are followed by the opportunity to network further with the speaker and gain valuable career insight and advice from experienced professionals.

Organisations represented in the past include:

  • Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Baillie Gifford
  • Tesco Bank

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