Our MSc students represent a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, typically originating from over 70 different countries. This strong sense of internationalism and the wide range of experiences our students bring with them creates a lively theatre of debate within the school.

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Rida Nurafiati

Rida Nurafiati

Carbon Finance

What has been your personal highlight from your time at the Business School?

I found the Carbon Masters Lab inspiring – this involved world-renowned practitioners giving guest lectures on climate change issues. These have been my favourite lectures as I gained many insights from the industry. It was a great opportunity to mingle and debate with students from different programmes at the University.

There were great opportunities for me to unleash my potential, including The Edinburgh Award for Professional Development, Student Development Skill Sessions and many networking dinners with top global companies. The Edinburgh Award was an amazing opportunity to develop my soft skills that are essential for employment and to gain recognition for what I have achieved during my time here.

How supportive did you find the team at the School?

The teaching staff and Student Development Team are keen to receive feedback from students and develop the student experience, and they provide plenty of opportunity for this. I was a course representative and, based on feedback from my fellow students, I was able to introduce new tutorials on areas the class felt they would like to focus on more.

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