It is anticipated that demand for data analytics employees will continue to grow as analytics is viewed as a key competitive resource by many companies. Our dedicated Student Development Team within the Business School will be an integral part of your student experience from day one. We are here to help you become equipped to maximise your potential in the global market.

Graduate employment

Organisations hold more information about their business environments than ever before. Increasingly, these organisations are recognising the role of data in gaining insights and out-thinking competitors. The worldwide big data analytics market was valued at US$ 37.34 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.3% to arrive at US$ 105.08 billion by 2027. This will inevitably lead to further growth of the market for employees in the area of analytics.

The MSc Data and Decision Analytics will offer students from a range of degree backgrounds the opportunity to equip themselves with an artillery of concepts, methods, and applications of data analytics, along with hands-on and practical experience in applying them. It is not just about being able to analyse and digest the data available, but to then translate this into effective decision-making.

We expect the programme to open a range of career pathways in analytics for our graduates or to allow them to progress further within their existing career. Roles we anticipate to be among these pathways include:

  • Business consultants
  • Business analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Business intelligence and analytics consultants
  • Metrics and analytics specialists
  • Analytics associates
  • Solution architects
  • Business process analysts
  • Management consulting associates
  • Operational research consultants