Our MSc students represent a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, typically originating from over 60 different countries. This strong sense of internationalism and the wide range of experiences our students bring with them creates a lively theatre of debate within the school.

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Winna Yudistika

Winna Yudistika

Marketing and Business Analysis, 2017

What attracted you to study at the Business School?

The ranking of the University was a key factor and I had heard many good reviews of the University from friends who had studied here before. The city was also an important feature. Edinburgh is very beautiful with incredible scenery and the neighbourhood I am staying in is amazing.

How would you describe the people you have met in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is packed with international students and friendly Scottish residents. I adore the culture of smiling as you pass people in the street, even though they are strangers. I feel warm and safe here because of it. And because the city is packed with international students, we share the same challenges of living abroad and we are helping each other to make Edinburgh our home.

The School provides different sessions for skill development, from developing your presentation skills to networking and leadership techniques. I found these really practical and useful.

How supportive are the teaching staff?

The teaching staff are incredibly supportive, open and insightful. I was really impressed with their dedication to the course and the time they spend helping students with their queries.