The University of Edinburgh Business School offers a series of interactive masterclasses for senior professionals, partners and mid-level executives keen to advance their knowledge and skills.

Our masterclasses

Our suite of programmes covering leadership and strategy are perfect for members of senior management looking to make more of an impact in their organisations.

Our masterclasses provide easy access to the latest innovative thinking. You will be working and networking in collaboration with other senior professionals and led by a team of world-leading academics and top practitioners in their fields of expertise.

Previous masterclasses have run on subjects as diverse as digital leadership, corporate governance, sustainable business, and behavioural finance. Our courses are applicable to most industry sectors and organisations, and offer an opportunity to network and share best practice with fellow participants.

Climate Change Risk in Finance Programme

A fundamental course for financial professionals focused on the consequences of climate change on finance – how to navigate data, measure risk, gain accurate insights for financial decision making, and capture opportunities related to transitioning to net zero.

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Executive Leadership Programme

A joint venture between FWB Park Brown and the Business School, the Executive Leadership Programme focuses on making future business leaders 'Boardroom Ready'.

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Future is FinTech

This online programme is designed to help you critically assess the impact of the FinTech revolution on financial services.

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Future of Marketing

This online course is designed to prepare marketing professionals for the future of marketing.

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John Smith Trust Leadership Programme

Developed in partnership between the John Smith Trust and the University of Edinburgh Business School, this online programme is designed to build and foster relationships between emerging women leaders in the UK with counterparts in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Non-Executive Director (NXD) Programme

This programme, a joint venture between FWB Park Brown and the University of Edinburgh Business School, focuses on the key issues every NXD should be aware of.

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