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Open Innovation in Public Services: An Inter-organizational Perspective

Research Summary

This research aims to explore the intricate features, knowledge creation processes, governance structures and the contingencies of open innovation models in public services at the inter-organizational level. Open innovation refers to the expansion of innovation efforts and processes to external actors to foster inbound and outbound flow of knowledge. Despite its growing popularity in the public sector, there is still a paucity of empirical research that enlightens on the myriad open models in the public sector and their inherent idiosyncrasies. Also, most open innovation studies in public services are underpinned by theories from information systems and technology. There is a need to incorporate public management theories into open innovation to broaden the perspectives and extend our understanding of its governance structure and knowledge creation processes in public services. Against this backdrop, this study seeks to explore the open innovation phenomenon in public services from an inter-organizational public management perspective. 

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Adedapo Adebajo is a doctoral researcher in the Strategy group of the University of Edinburgh Business School and a recipient of the Centre for Service Excellence scholarship award. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, he worked as a Senior Research Executive and a Strategic Planner in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a Master's degree in Marketing Communication from Pan Atlantic University (former Pan African University) Lagos, Nigeria, and a Master's degree in Brand Leadership from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom.