Amin Zakerinia Headshot

Research Topic

Co-creation experiences in favour of medical tourism and its impact on customers' subjective wellbeing


Having graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering (Systems Design and Analysis), Amin started his professional career in a leading manufacturing company as a Sales Manager. Meanwhile, he also began his Master's degree in Business Management/Marketing and running a tourism services company. His master's dissertation was about the impact of advertisement and sales promotion in tourism companies. Amin graduated with a distinction and pursued his ambitions in this field with a PhD in Services Marketing and Medical Tourism. Amin has presented different papers at international conferences and received very positive reviews from critics and conference chairs.

Currently he is a doctoral researcher in the marketing department at the University of Edinburgh Business School and a member of the Centre for Service Excellence. His interests areas are:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Cross-cultural marketing research
  • Co-creation experience and value co-creation
  • Well-being and services marketing.