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Financial Health Check

Research Summary

My aim is to develop an automated system to help people plan their long-term finances. 

By analysing various data, such as banking data, user data, and preferences, the system will offer a long term financial plan for the user. This financial plan, which will include advice on savings and spending, will automatically be adapted to changes in markets and or other user related data. 

My PhD is supervised by Dr Raffaella Calabrese (Business School) and Dr Miguel Carvalho (School of Mathematics)

In general, I am interested in mathematical modelling, statistics and automated systems.

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I have studied two separate undergraduate degrees at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU), one in economics and one in mathematics. In economics I focused on: empirical data analysis, statistics, game theory, environmental-, behavioral-, labor- micro- and macroeconomics. My thesis was on time-inconsistent consumer behaviour and its welfare implications on the market. In mathematics my focus was: stochastics, statistics, geometry and mathematics of machine learning. I have also attended several undergraduate physics courses. 

Professionally I have worked for six years as a tutor at the School of Business and Economics of the Freie Universität Berlin where I have also worked as a Research Assistant for the Head of the Microeconometrics Chair Prof. Dr. Steiner. Besides academic institutions, I have also worked in the private sector: at Krämer Market Research Institute and the German-Slovak Industrial Chamber of Commerce (DSIHK).