Atreya Dey Headshot

Research Topic

Supply Chain and Sovereign State Susceptibility to Environmental Risks

Research Summary

Atreya's PhD focuses on how environmental risks affect supply chain networks and how firms can best adapt their supply chain to protect it against those risks. His other research interest is to study how climate change impacts sovereign risk. The research merges spatial finance, econometrics, and machine learning methods.


Research Area


Atreya Dey is a doctoral researcher of Financial Technology at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Before joining the School, Atreya worked as an economist in the specialised modelling group at Moody's Analytics in London. His primary responsibilities included credit risk modelling for IFRS9 and CCAR regulatory compliance, and developing new off-the-shelf products using econometric and machine-learning methods.

Atreya is working hand-in-hand with his industrial sponsor, Baillie Gifford, to solve Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance issues in supply chain networks. Atreya received his BA in Economics from Haverford College in Pennsylvania, and his MSc in Data Science from Northwestern University.