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Research Topic

Labour force participation of over 50s, appearance bias and the intersectionality of gender, ageing and SES

Research Summary

  • Labour force participation
  • Employability of older workers
  • Gendered ageing
  • Aesthetics of ageing, attractiveness/appearance bias, “lookism”
  • Age discrimination (actual and perceived), “ageism”
  • Impact of SES on life outcomes
  • Psychology of individual differences (personality, intelligence)
  • Maladaptive personality traits (psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism)
  • Management accounting

Research Area

Research Taxonomy


Belinda is a Chartered Management Accountant (qualified 2003). She earned an MSc in Strategic Management Accounting from London Metropolitan University in 2002, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Monash University (2016), and an MSc in Psychology of Individual Differences from University of Edinburgh (2017). Belinda earned a distinction in each of these degrees and dissertations.

Belinda is an active member of CIMA, British Psychological Society (2016) and Association for Psychological Science (2016).

Having worked as an accountant in commerce and industry in Australia and the UK since 1994, Belinda commenced a full-time PhD in Management in 2017. Her research focus is the ageing workforce and its impact on business, and more widely on government policy, individuals and other stakeholders.