W. Bradley Cotton Headshot

Research Topic

A Global Stakeholder Value Measurement Framework Impacting Police and Public Safety Institutions

Research Summary

Formal police organisations have been in existence for hundreds of years. The public looks to these organisations for protection and expects them to operate with the utmost integrity and efficiency. Evidence suggests the methods, tools, and theories used to measure the effectiveness of police agencies are inconsistent in application and surveyed respondents are not necessarily reflective of the communities served by the agencies.

As a result, there are significant gaps in the data, few meaningful comparisons can be made and, in some cases, current methods may even contribute to distrust and erroneous views. The unjust deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others in the United States, as well as other recent events globally, have significantly eroded the trust that communities have for their police agencies. There are increasing calls for oversight, defunding of police agencies, and widespread police reform. Communities deserve to know what value they are getting from those sworn to protect them.

It is the goal of my research to create a new measurement framework that incorporates the best of the current measures, that is repeatable, and that is accessible to a diverse range of stakeholders from across the communities served by police agencies.


Research Area


I was a police officer in Ontario, Canada for almost 28 years, retiring as a sergeant in 2018 to pursue my Master of Business Administration. I'm a firm believer in the concept of "never stop learning", and I've always loved teaching and instructing, having taught police officers in various formal and informal roles during my career.

However, my MBA fuelled my desire to become an academic and do research and teach at a higher level. In September 2020, I started my PhD in Management.

I am an authentically curious, dedicated team player who believes the best solutions are found through interdisciplinary cooperative efforts. I am a skilled social navigator who has created and worked with large, diverse teams from multiple sectors in both private and public organisations. I specialise in creating partnerships, connections, and improving communications between previously siloed groups.

One of my core beliefs is "None of us is as strong as all of us". My passion is Public Safety, and I believe that policing services can be better and do much more for the communities they serve.

Education and Qualifications

Institute Degree/Qualification Dates
University of Edinburgh Business School Master of Business Administration 2018–2019
Ontario Municipal Managment Institute Certified Municipal Manager Level 3: Police Professional 2012
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada Business Administration Diploma 1993–2010
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada Police Administration Certificate 1993–2009

Professional and Voluntary Experience

Institute Degree/Qualification Dates
WB Global Partners Consultancy Managing Member: Public safety and business consultant, serving both public and private organisations and industry in creating strategy 2019–Present
City of Brantford Police Service Police Sergeant 2003–2018
Steward Holdings Incorporated President/Owner 2013–2018
ATX Pest Control CEO/Owner 2017–2018
Children's Safety Village of Brant Non-profit Board Member: Recording Secretary 2014–2017
City of Brantford Police Service Police Officer 1991–2003


  • Canada and Ontario 150th Anniversary Volunteer Award (2017)
  • Inaugural Recipient - Chief's Award of Distinction, City of Brantford Police Service (2015)