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Artificial Intelligence and Organisation

Research Summary

Despite widespread coverage of technical progress in artificial intelligence (AI), much less is known about the beliefs, practices, challenges and aspirations of those driving it. Chris’ research aims to change this. He asks: who ‘is' the AI researcher and practitioner? What role do they have inside modern organisations/society? How do human and machine interact? Barad, Baudrillard, Latour, and Lyotard, among others, are helpful guides. 

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Chris is a PhD candidate in the Organisation Studies Group, where he holds the College Research Award. He entered the programme in September 2016. Chris is also a teaching assistant on 'Organising for Social Change: Strategy, Governance, and Innovation' and 'Organisational Behaviour II'.

Prior to beginning his doctoral work, Chris completed an MRes (Management) at the University of Edinburgh, and an MA (Social Entrepreneurship) at Hult International Business School. He also holds a BA in Business, Economics and Social Studies from Trinity College, Dublin.

Chris has won a number of awards for his teaching and research. On the teaching side, he has been nominated 6 times for the Best Student who Tutors award. On the research side, he has won prizes for both research posters and case study writing. Recently, he had a paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Ethics (FT50; ABS 3*), co-authored with Tom Calvard.

If you’re a student in one of his classes expect a plant (yes, the green thing), and perhaps a poor performance on the Didgeridoo. Expect a Northern Irish accent too.