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Emotions as Discursive Resources for Identity Work in Socially Disadvantaged Individuals

Research Summary

Chris qualitatively studies social enterprises from an institutional theory perspective. At the moment Chris is working on three major research projects. In the first project, he studies how organisations can help suicidal individuals to improve their self-perception. Particularly, he is interested in how emotions influence identity transformations, which help suicidal individuals to break with discriminating institutions. He uses studies on emotions and identity work to add a process model of identity transformations to the literature.

His second project is about the social inclusion of stigmatised individuals through organisations. Chris studies how organisational practices facilitate safe spaces for individuals to work on their social rehabilitation. Specifically, the link between relatively small organisational practices and societal challenges such as inclusion interests Chris. He uses literature on stigmatisation and institutional practices to identify bundles and components of inclusive practices.

In his most recent project, Chris studies how founder figures influence organisational identities. Especially, he looks at how the history of a founder, in his case a former homeless person, is used for an organisational identity. Framed by the rhetorical history and organisational identity work literatures, Chris shows ways in which a founder's history is mobilised for organisational identity constructions.

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Chris Klinghardt is a doctoral researcher in the Strategy Group and Teaching Assistant at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He is fully funded by the Principal's Career Development Scholarship.

He is driven to study change in the lives of socially disadvantaged people by researching how organisations can serve individuals who suffer from addictions, violence, crime, homelessness, and gang involvement. In these challenging contexts, Chris gives society's most disadvantaged people a voice by enabling the scientific community to learn from their stories of rehabilitation. Shared stories indicate needs and required opportunities that organisations can provide to aid individuals' rehabilitation.

In addition to his research role, Chris was a member of the Organising Committee for the 35th European Group for Organisational Studies (EGOS) Annual Colloquium, and Co-director of the Edinburgh Social Entrepreneurship Conference: Organising for Social Change both held in 2019 in Edinburgh. Chris frequently reviews papers for and presents his research at reputational international conferences such as the Academy of Management (AOM) and EGOS. Most recently Chris Klinghardt and John Amis' symposium, 'The marginalised, the marginalising, and the quest for legitimacy' has been selected as a finalist for the Best Symposium Award by the Organisation and Management Theory (OMT) Committee for the Annual Meeting of the AOM in 2019.

Chris is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and currently teaches undergraduate and postgraduate level courses within the field of Strategic Management and International Business, where he continuously achieves excellent teaching evaluations.