Claire Perier Headshot

Research Topic

Mapping the Scottish Food and Drink System

Research Summary

My research aims to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the interactions, shifts and powers at play in the Food and Drink system through the lense of food provenance stories. Using the case of Scotland, a relatively new yet dynamic food nation, and a mixed-method approach, it sets to define a conceptual framework of the creation, evolution and preservation of food origin narratives. As food touches on social, economic and political issues, this research will not be confined literature-wise by one discipline but will adopt an interdisciplinary and systems-based approach. It aims to yield significant findings on the construction mechanisms of food provenance but also to support the broader understanding of food systems. Furthermore, the potential impact of this research goes beyond its academic contribution, from a better understanding of competitive strategies directly applicable by businesses, to the provision of a holistic framework for policy makers to develop integrated governance of food systems.


Research Area


My initial education was focused on food science and innovation. In addition to my main degree, I am also a qualified pastry chef and a graduate of the advanced master Interface Cuisine-Industry. I spent over seven years working in the industry in new product development and technical customer support, in sectors as varied as chocolate, bakery and salmon. During my time as a practitioner, I have been involved with many aspects of small and large scale business operations, from production to quality control and marketing. My return to academia follows a lifelong wish to investigate further the social and cultural aspects of food. My focus on Scotland stems from a deep love for this country and its inhabitants which started when I arrived in Edinburgh from France in 2013. My Master's by Research gave me the opportunity to complete my project management and technical skills with elements of sociology and economy.

Education and Qualifications

  • Master's by Research Management (Merits), University of Edinburgh Business School (September 2017–August 2018)
  • Pastry Basic Professional Qualification, National Superior School for Patisserie, France (December 2011–June 2012)
  • Advanced Master Product Engineering at the Interface/Cuisine/Industry, AgroParisTech (September 2009–August 2010)
  • Master's in Engineering Food Innovation, Universite de Technologie de Compiègne (September 2006–August 2009)

Professional and Voluntary Experience

  • Customer Support Executive, The Scottish Salmon Company (November 2014–September 2017)
  • New Product Development Manager, Mathiesons Bakery (September 2013–September 2014)