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Research Topic

Comparing and contrasting digital to fashion entrepreneurship ecosystems in emerging markets: the case of Egypt post-2011 revolution⁠—challenges, impact, and coping mechanisms
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Research Summary

My research is about entrepreneurship ecosystems within the context of institutional voids, and how social capital offers a resource-based approach to satisfy the weak formal institutional infrastructure. I am applying my theoretical model by comparing the ICT sector in Egypt to the creative/jewellery industry to indicate areas of commonalities and differences.


  • Winner, Tom Beasley 'Highly commended paper', British Academy of Management (BAM), 2020
  • Best PhD TA Award for 2018-19 (voted for by students)

Research Area


I have a great interest in the interdisciplinary approaches of entrepreneurship, ecosystems and the economic development of nations from their social, cultural and economic frameworks.

My interest started in 2008 when I studied entrepreneurship at the Loughborough University campus based in Egypt, known as the BUE, inaugurated by HRH prince Charles of Wales in 2007.

While there, I graduated with the highest honours, ranking the top of my class of business studies in 2010 and winning a distinction of 78% in my undergraduate thesis about the difference between male and female entrepreneurship operating in Egypt under the supervision of the guru Queen's Award-winning professor David Allen Kirby, who acts as my mentor.

My interest in the field further grew when I delved deeper into it, so that I taught year 1 students in the BUE about SMEs and innovation which I call the milestone in my career since I found myself while teaching and researching at the age of 22.

I travelled to the UK for my master's degree, graduating with another thesis distinction in the area of comparative studies between employees & entrepreneurs each to choose his own career path in relation to the other; published in the WASET journal issue of 2013, under the title of why entrepreneurship is not seen as attractive.

Not only living in theory, I eagerly decided to practice entrepreneurship by leading the business and research department section at Archplan, establishing a new HR system and upgrading the company's performance by engaging in Q&V standards of 2001–2015, leaving a footprint which developed me personally and also the company.

Once again, the economic boost of Egypt since 2015 and the introduction of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the field recently triggered me to do my PhD especially as I am imbued with the love of researching within the deep existential themes of life.

I published 6 academic papers in conferences in Dubai, Malaysia and Turkey all about entrepreneurship and am currently a columnist in a feminist magazine targeting women issues in the MENA region, for the betterment of both sexes, not just women.

On the personal level, I adore philosophy and describe myself as a citizen of the world; the type of Henry Thoreau's Walden and Eric Fromm whose books absorb you, besides deeply believing in humanistic values such as channelling Princess Diana and Angelina Jolie, seeking to make the world a better place by learning, discovering and educating, for that those values are the core essence of our mysterious life which will let you reconcile with yourself!

Simply, you can call me rooted in Egypt but stemming to the whole world, a great explorer of culture and people of life, under the name of know thyself, based on the earliest of them all for that he was brave and wild enough to initiate the concept…the philosopher Socrates!