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Research Topic

Accounting and neoliberalism

Research Summary

Focusing on prisons, prison reform and prisoner rehabilitation, my research considers the roles of accounting under neoliberalism and how these shape society.

This focus has led me to trace out the influences of accounting in: 

  • financialising discourse around prisons and rehabilitation
  • providing citizens with a crude and shallow form of democratic accountability
  • facilitating a form of performance measurement in prisons that fosters 'management by illusion' and 'functional stupidity'.

Bringing these understandings of accounting together, I delineate what I believe to be a fundamental change to the way in which government operates.

I draw on a diverse array of works from critical and sociological theory to support my research, primarily utilising the insights offered by Wendy Brown, Pierre Bourdieu, Max Weber and Loic Wacquant.

Research Area

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