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Research Topic

Evaluating the uptake of mitigation measures in agriculture in Scotland and New Zealand

Research Summary

Jorie’s research is conducted both at the Business School, Scottish Rural College (SRUC) in Edinburgh, Scotland and AgResearch in New Zealand. The research will focus on the evaluation of the uptake of low-cost or win-win measures identified under marginal abatement cost exercises. In Scotland these measures are promoted under Farming for a Better Climate (FFBC), a programme that provides farms with practical support to benefit and reduce its impact on the climate. Although the programme was initiated in 2012, so far no evaluation scheme has been developed to indicate the behavioural change of farmers that participate in these kinds of projects. It is the aim of the project to develop such an evaluation scheme, that identifies the influence of programmes such as FFBC on the uptake of low-cost mitigation measures in agriculture.

Research Area


Jorie Knook is a doctoral researcher in the Accounting and Finance Group at the University of Edinburgh Business School, and Scottish Rural College (SRUC).

Prior to her PhD studies, she completed a BSc and MSc in Biology at the Radboud University in the Netherlands. Her thesis was conducted at the National University of Central Buenos Aires with a focus on the environmental, social and economic sustainability of bioenergy initiatives in Argentina. In 2016 she graduated from her second MSc in Forestry at AgroParisTech in France, in which she conducted her thesis at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Germany, focusing on the economic aspects of adapting a forest to climate change.

Currently Jorie is funded by the SRUC postgraduate studentship. Since her research focuses on both Scotland and New Zealand, she will spend approximately half of her PhD in New Zealand to conduct her research at AgResearch.