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Research Topic

Understanding How Creative Ventures in Broker Roles Reconcile Contrasting Views to Manage Intra- and Inter-Organisational Relationships in their Networks

Research Summary

Brokerage ventures from creative sectors rely on multiple and diverse partnerships to incorporate knowhow, skills, and resources to undertake dynamic project-based working models, showing the importance of effectively managing these indispensible relationships to be able to survive and grow. Creative ventures in brokerage roles systematically balance strategic commercial goals with their need to build and sustain generative relationships with suppliers and other key actors in their networks, debating between contrasting views influencing them to enact this role. My research explores the success story of a retail venture from the design sector, aiming to explain how they establish and sustain evolving brokerage relationships from emergence until three years of steady development.

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Former entrepreneur founding and directing a small design textile venture in Chile.