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Bribery and Firm Value

Research Summary

Corporate bribery has been widely studied for more than four decades to understand its determinants and consequences. Despite extensive scholarly work, empirical estimation of bribery size and effect is practically limited. Responding to the research challenge, this study aims to investigate the causal impact of company exposure to bribery on firm risk and valuation. The impact is measured by using a quasi-experimental setting with the passage of the UK Bribery Act 2010 as a shock to the firms operated in the UK. To estimate the effect of bribes on firm risk and value, implied cost of capital and long-term growth are measured.

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Suhee Kim is currently a doctoral researcher in the Accounting and Finance Group. She is a recipient of the University of Edinburgh Business School Doctoral Scholarship (2016–2020).

Prior to her PhD studies, Suhee worked in SRI Research and Consultancy Company, Working Together Foundation, and Science & Technology Policy Institute. She holds an MSc in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from Rotterdam School of Management, an MA in International Commerce from Korea University, and a BSc in Life Science from POSTECH.

Her Master's thesis on 'The Effect of Publication, Format, and Content of Integrated Reports on Analysts' Earnings Forecasts' is expected to be published as a chapter for 'Handbook of Finance and Sustainability' (Edward Elgar) in March 2018.