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Research Topic

Knowledge Infrastructure: the impact of spectrum management towards innovation in adopting emerging wireless technology standards

Research Summary

Wireless technologies, for example 4G mobile telephone systems, are large technical systems. Their development requires the coordination of heterogeneous networks of technology vendors, regulators and system operators. An operational system requires access to radio spectrum, a finite and regulated resource. Radio spectrum is a boundary object linking regulators, developers and operators. The interactions around spectrum include the technical and social elements of the system and take place locally, in relation to specific instantiations of the technology, and globally, for example in defining global standards.

This research aims to uncover the dynamics of the development of wireless technologies by undertaking multiple case-studies of debates in the allocation of radio spectrum with relating their impact towards wireless innovation in terms of pattern of innovation and business model.

Accepted Paper Presentations

  • Vilsy, Graham, Kinder (2014) 'Knowledge Infrastructure: The impact of spectrum management towards wireless innovation', University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Presented at 3rd Innovation of Information Infrastructure Workshop (III), held by Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway, 13–16 October 2014.

Research Area

Research Taxonomy


  • BSc (Computer Science), University of Indonesia
  • MSc (Software Systems Engineering), RWTH Aachen-Germany, with scholarship from Hanns-Seidel Foundation
  • R&D Mobile Wireless Industry(2004–2010)

Research Interests

  • Wireless Standardisation
  • Telecommunication Policies
  • Spectrum Management
  • Business Models
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship