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Research Topic

An emerging profession of sustainability? Exploring those who practise it

Research Summary

Sustainability practitioners are acting as an emerging profession in the practical world, a profession full of the characteristics of the modern context. Increasingly more networks and initiatives in the sustainability field are created and applying the term sustainability professionals to refer to diverse practitioners within the field.

However, when saying sustainability professionals, are we talking about professionals for ordinary people, or professionals for profession theorists? Apart from this umbrella title of sustainability, do they form a profession of sustainability? These interrogations make sustainability practitioners a very suitable area to unpack the dynamics of non-traditional and innovative professions and professionalisation.


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Institute Award Dates
University of Glasgow Master's of Accountancy (MAcc) 2014–2015
Lanzhou University Master's in Management 2013–2016
Lanzhou University Bachelor's in Management (Accounting) 2009–2013