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Research Topic

A Multi-Level Theoretical Framework of Support Mechanisms for Work–Life Balance

Research Summary

A process-oriented, multilevel, multidimensional conceptual framework of work–life balance support: A multidisciplinary systematic literature review and future research agenda. Yuyang Fan, Kristina Potočnik, and Sara Chaudhry. (2021) International Journal of Management Reviews.

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Having obtained my Master's degree in Human Resource Management (HRM) with Distinction and finished as the top achiever of academic results in class at the University of Edinburgh, I decided to pursue a PhD in Management in the Organisation Studies Group at this prestigious academic institution.

Although it may seem like that my undergraduate major of Journalism has little to do with the field of Organisation Studies, the knowledge and skills I obtained from undergraduate courses can be advantageous for me to conduct interdisciplinary research in the future. I gradually developed and improved my skills of observation, surveying, interviewing, writing, editing and managing time during my undergraduate study. Besides, I grasp specialised communication skills such as image, audio, and video making/editing and operation of new media, which could enrich my ways of conducting research and effectively disseminating my research findings to the public.

Currently, my major research interest is work-life balance. Good work-life balance is beneficial not only to individuals but also organisations and even societies. My research mission is to explore how people can achieve better work-life balance both theoretically and practically.