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Research Topic

The processual approach of organisational space

Research Summary

My PhD is a thesis that focuses on social innovation, drawing on Edinburgh's former public spaces that have recently been re-purposed by innovative community hubs. Public space is crucial for shaping and maintaining an inclusive society — many of those public spaces, however, have taken on or become fused with corporate or institutional symbolism. This phenomenon echoes the argument that open spaces are not free of hierarchies.

In my first paper, I build upon the conceptualisation of organisational space as processual spacing, which is not merely a stable container for power or politics, but rather a dynamic outcome of a generative force of organisational practices. I examine the mutually fundamental dynamic between organisational governance structures and power relations. My second paper explores the spatial expression of logics in determining how public space is governed through hybrid organisations. My third study is focusing on how third sector organisations react to Covid-19 pandemic.

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