Research towards a doctorate is underpinned and supported by the doctoral training programme across a wide range of related subjects.

Within the first year of your PhD you are required to undertake 120 credits of research training to prepare you for the main research work. You will be asked to select your courses at induction.

Please note: Students accepted into the Management Science & Business Economics group face somewhat different circumstances, both because of the nature of their research and the requirements of the EPSRC. As such, these students will follow a programme of coursework training devised by the MSBE PGR representative in consultation with the principal supervisor rather than that shown below.

To give you an idea of what the programme structure and courses might consist of, the below information details the structure and courses for this programme in 2018/19.


Course Code Course Name Semester Credits
CMSE11194 Supervised Reading 1 1 20
CMSE11195 Supervised Reading 2 2 20
CMSE11300 Introduction to PhD in Management Research 1 20
CMSE11312 Qualitative Research* 2 20
CMSE11388 Foundations of Econometrics** 1 20
CMSE11389 Applications of Econometrics** 1 20
Select 60 credits from the following list or, with the approval of your supervisor, any other research methods course offered by the University of Edinburgh. You may also choose up to 20 credits from the list of Business School - Management (MSc Research) Options list.
PGSP11016 Research Skills in the Social Sciences: Data Collection 1 20
PGSP11208 Research Design 2 20
BUST11228 Translational Study - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass 2 20
PGSP11188 Qualitative Methods and Ethnographic Fieldwork 2 20
PGSP11302 The Documents of Life 2 20
PGSP11110 Analysing Qualitative Data 2 20
PGSP11321 Intermediate Inferential Statistics: Testing and Modelling 2 20
SCIL11009 Core Quantitative Data Analysis 1 and 2 1 20
PGSP11017 Explanation and Understanding in Social and Political Research 2 20

* Course optional for MSBE students and those whose programme of research will be quantitative rather than qualitative.
** Requirement for Finance students only.

In exceptional circumstances where a student has already passed a similar course it may be possible to substitute a compulsory course for another postgraduate course.

The SPS Course Catalogue contains further details on Research Skills and Research Design courses, and all of the other courses available in the Graduate School.

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