Find out more about the learning outcomes for the PhD in Business Economics, and the training and development courses available to you as a student.

Learning outcomes

By successfully completing our PhD, you will be able to:

  • Pursue original research, making a significant contribution to knowledge in, or understanding of, your field of study
  • Relate particular research projects to the general body of knowledge within your field
  • Present the results of your research in a critical and scholarly way
  • Produce material worthy of publication

Training and development

Our PhD students work closely with their supervisory team, and are offered top-level training opportunities throughout their studies.

Research towards a doctorate is underpinned and supported by our doctoral training programme. A large number of seminars and workshops delivered by eminent experts from around the world will be available throughout the year, providing ample opportunity for advanced learning and networking.

During your first year of studies, you will undertake one compulsory 20 credit taught course to develop your research skills. Optional taught courses may also be taken with the approval of your supervisory team.

You will be guided by your supervisors and the Research Support Office on which courses are most appropriate, and how to join.


Course Code Course Name Semester Credits
CMSE11494 Introduction to Research in Business 1 20
Recommended optional courses
CMSE11442 Supervised Reading: Refining the Proposal 1 or 2 20
CMSE11620 Supervised Reading: Reflecting on Research 1 or 2 20
CMSE11636 Researching as a Team: Co-authored Research Project 2 20
CMSE11388 Foundation of Economics 1 20
CMSE11389 Applications of Economics 2 20
BUST11231 Supervised Reading: Literature Review 1 or 2 20
CMSE11443 Supervised Reading: Methods 1 1 or 2 20
CMSE11444 Supervised Reading: Methods 2 1 or 2 20
PGSP11110 Analysing Qualitative Data 2 20
SCIL11009 Core Quantitative Data Analysis 1 and 2 1 20
PGSP11017 Explanation and Understanding in Social and Political Research 2 20
PGSP11321 Intermediate Inferential Statistics: Testing and Modelling 2 20
PGSP11188 Qualitative Methods and Ethnographic Fieldwork 2 20
CMSE11312 Qualitative Research 2 20
PGSP12002 Advanced Research Design and Methods 2 20
PGSP11016 Research Skills in the Social Sciences: Data Collection 1 20
CMSE11524 Quantitative Methods for Business Scholars 2 20

Full programme details can be found on the University degree programme tables website.

PhD in Business Economics programme table