No. All our research programmes require students to attend classes and engage with research on campus.

Yes. Please upload your official interim Master's transcript and grading scheme (key to the grading system). If you are made an offer, it will be conditional on completion of your current degree in line with our PhD programmes' minimum requirements.

When you submit your Master's transcript you must include a grading scheme. The grading scheme explains the coding your previous University used when marking. This is often found on the reverse of your transcript or as an additional page at the end of your transcript. For example, the grading scheme may translate a score of 75% as a Distinction. Without this evidence your application cannot be processed and may be rejected.

Research our academic staff to find a supervisor you would be interested to work with, and who would have the expertise in your chosen area to support your studies. Browse our academic subject groups to identify which area you wish to work in. When approaching a potential supervisor please ensure you give them an up-to-date CV and a draft research proposal.

Yes, unless you are applying to an advertised industry project. If you are submitting an application to an industry project, you are only required to submit a cover letter detailing why you are the best candidate for the particular project you are applying to.

Due to the intensive and joint nature of these particular projects for which the studentship is awarded, we cannot support students wishing to study part-time. If you are interested in Financial Technology and wish to study part-time we suggest joining the PhD in Management programme.

Yes. You may submit your English Language evidence at a later date. If you receive an offer, it will be conditional on you meeting the level required.

Yes. Please view the University website for videos to guide you.

Any applicant who has applied to our Management programme or is successful in applying for a Financial Technology project will be registered with the University of Edinburgh, and will be issued a unique number which you can use throughout your time with us. For student applicants, students, and most alumni, your UUN is composed of your matriculation number prefixed with the letter 's'.

Example UUN: s2123456

Further Information

Your UUN is also your University login.

Reset Your University Login

Once we receive your application our Admissions Team will do an initial assessment, and if further documents are requested these will be asked for using the online application system. If your application passes the first assessment stage it will be passed to our academic colleagues for consideration, when you will be invited for a Skype or in-person interview if they are interested in taking your application forward. Any offer made can be either conditional or unconditional.

The minimum turnaround period, provided all documents are supplied and accepted, is approximately 38 days. Please log in to your EUCLID account every few days to check if there are any messages from us.

The University provides References Guidance for applicants.

Please see Accessing the Applicant Hub and MyEd for help with technical issues.

You will receive a Universal Username (UUN) and access to a MyEd account. Your UUN is your unique reference which you must quote in any correspondence and it will remain with you throughout your time as a student.

You must log in to your MyEd account twice a week to check for any messages from us. This is how we will communicate with you regarding your application. Additional post online application help is also available.

Student Systems provides advice on editing personal details.

No. We manage a large volume of applications each year and we are unable to respond to email queries about your application.

No. Offers are made throughout the application cycle and we recommend you apply sooner rather than later to ensure the best chance of working with your preferred supervisor.