Every PhD candidate will create a singular piece of research that will make a significant contribution to personal and career development and the general field of study.

The Programme at a Glance

  • The PhD can be studied over three years full-time or six years part-time
  • The PhD programme is not available online or by distance learning
  • Students are encouraged to present papers at conferences
  • Students are encouraged to submit articles for publication in refereed journals
  • The School has links with other schools in the University allowing students with cross-disciplinary interests to find expertise, support, and supervision

At the end of their first year, students studying subjects under Accounting and Finance have the option to change their registration from Management to a PhD in Accounting or a PhD in Finance, as appropriate.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully undertaking a PhD in Management, you will be able to:

  • Pursue original research, making a significant contribution to knowledge in or understanding of the field of study
  • Relate particular research projects to the general body of knowledge in the field
  • Present the results of the research in a critical and scholarly way
  • Produce material worthy of publication