Unlocking the potential of CCS in China's steel sector.

Metal worker using tool emitting sparks

Aims and Expected Outcomes

This research will generate an important case study of the development and deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in a major sector (the steel industry) in a developing country (China).

As such, this will provide a major contribution to the literature on CCS and will deepen our understanding of the technological, economic, managerial, policy, and regulatory requirements governing this. The research will also provide case-specific actionable knowledge on CCS development and deployment which will inform industry and government practice. The project will further develop a techno-economic assessment model for generic steel plants to assess technical options for, and the economics of, CO2 capture.

Based on the working packages, two consultation documents on options for financing large-scale CCUS demonstration project and considerations for CCS readiness in China’s steel sector will be generated for a wide-ranging consultation to garner thoughts, experiences, and expert suggestions.