The Strategy seminars provides a platform to share ideas and leading research into understanding major societal and organisational issues.

Group Research Seminars

All seminars run from 15:30–17:00 and seminar titles are published in the School Newsletter, a week before the date advertised.

Booking for each seminar is open a week before the date advertised. For more details please contact Corentin Curchod.

2022 Seminars

Date Presenter
4 May (In person) Andrew Brown, Professor of Management, University of Bath
2 March (In Person) Julie Battilana, Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University
2 February (In Person) David Stark, Arthur Lehman Professor of Sociology, Colombia University
12 January Thomas Roulet, Associate Professor of Organization Theory, University of Cambridge

2021 Seminars

Date Presenter
1 December (Online Zoom) Richard Whittington, Professor of Strategic Management, University of Oxford
3 November (Online Zoom) Douglas Creed, Professor of Management, University of Rhode Island