Discover the mission and membership of our new centre, which brings together two of our established centres into one new hub for business, climate change, and sustainability research.

The Centre for Business and Climate Change (CBCC) and the Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI) are two flourishing research centres within the Business School. They have over a decade's experience engaging with large and small businesses, policy makers, non-governmental institutions, and others, providing research, advice, consultancy, executive education, graduate introductions, and more.

In February 2020, we decided to bring these two centres together and launched the new Centre for Business, Climate Change, and Sustainability (CBCCS). While we work on our new web presence, please refer to the existing websites for CBCC and SBI.

Our Mission

  • To be a catalyst for positive social and environmental change in the interaction of climate, business, policy, and society
  • To work across institutional, market, organisational, community, and individual levels
  • To offer innovative and research-led solutions, stimulate and contribute to key policy debates, and create and inspire changemakers for the future

Who Are We?

Core Business School Members

Sarah Ivory Headshot

Dr Sarah Ivory

Centre Director and Co-director Curriculum and Championing Changemakers

Kathi Kaesehage Headshot

Dr Kathi Kaesehage

Director, Research Development

Winston Kwon Headshot

Dr Winston Kwon

Co-director Curriculum and Championing Changemakers

Matthew Brander Headshot

Dr Matthew Brander

Director, Knowledge Exchange and Impact

Luca Taschini Headshot

Dr Luca Taschini

Reader in Carbon Finance

Xi Liang Headshot

Dr Xi Liang

Senior Lecturer in Energy Finance & Director

Ian Cochran Headshot

Dr Ian Cochran

Lecturer in Carbon Finance

Tatiana Rodionova Headshot

Dr Tatiana Rodionova

Lecturer in Finance

Francisco Ascui Headshot

Dr Francisco Ascui

Senior Lecturer in Business and Climate Change

Craig MacKenzie Headshot

Dr Craig MacKenzie

Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise

Core Non-Business School Members

Affiliated Business School Members

Areas of Activity

Pure Research

Pure research will be achieved through grant funding and academic collaborations, forming the traditional academic research piece.

Knowledge Exchange and Impact

This area focuses on industry collaborations, which may overlap with pure research.

Curriculum and Championing Changemakers

This focuses on both the Business School and the wider University of Edinburgh curriculum in this area, as well as executive education, with the aim of integrating sustainability and climate change further across the entire student experience and curriculum. This will be achieved both directly, and by supporting academics outwith CBCCS.

Administration and Communication

Administrative and communication work will aim to support and promote the other three areas of activity.

More information can be found on the websites of the individual CBCC and SBI research centres while we bring these sites together. Those interested in engaging with the centre can contact any of the members or directors. We look forward to hearing from you.