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Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

An introduction to the Business School's Centre for Entrepreneurship Research.


The Centre for Entrepreneurship Research was established in 2002 to stimulate research in all aspects innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship development. Its scope covers a variety of contexts, including micro, small and large businesses, corporate and family businesses and the public sector.

The objective of the Centre is to further understanding on how entrepreneurship contributes to economic growth and competitiveness, poverty alleviation and social wellbeing. The contribution of entrepreneurship and innovation to these important policy areas is of interest to practitioners and policymakers worldwide.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Research has an international role and remit, with research and development activities located in a variety of developed and developing countries (including the United Kingdom, Italy, Uganda, Colombia and Sri Lanka).

The Centre brings together a number of researchers and practitioners with interests in various aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation development. Three core posts in the Centre are currently externally funded, the George David Chair of Entrepreneurship and Family Business (Professor Peter Rosa), the Scottish Programme for Entrepreneurship (SPE) Senior Lectureship (Dr Sarah Cooper) and the SPE Lecturer in Entrepreneurship (Dr Adam Bock).

The Centre has a strong focus on the application of research to policy issues and has developed good relationships with government departments and agencies regionally, nationally and internationally.


Professor Peter Rosa, George David Chair of Entrepreneurship and Family Business