The University has a long tradition of research in the disciplines and sub-disciplines of business and management.

Accounting and Finance 

The research interests of this group connect with and inform theoretical and practitioner debates in the field, in collaboration with researches from within and outside the School.  

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Research within this group focuses on growth-orientated entrepreneurship and the study of innovation surrounding new information and communication technologies. 

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Management Science and Business Economics

This group lays emphases on the development of innovative methodologies and frameworks to analyse issues of importance to business and policy decision-making. 

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The research here is focused on marketing and consumption practices, with many projects focusing on the food and services sectors.

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Organisation Studies 

Research within this group provides insight into major challenges in human resources and public policy in the fields of leadership, governance, and diversity.

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This group studies contemporary issues of societal and organisational importance at the local, national, and global levels. 

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