The Management Science and Business Economics seminars focus on interdisciplinary contemporary research issues in management science, operational research, artificial intelligence and business economics. Speakers include renowned scholars from top UK and international institutions as well as industry practitioners from multinational firms.

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5th May 2017

When Re-manufacturing Meets Innovation

Professor Marc Reimann - Head of the Department for Production and Operations Management - University of Graz

7th April 2017

Is there a credit risk premium for innovative firms in Europe?

Dr Neil Lee - Lecturer in Economic Geography - London School of Economics

31st March 2017

Energy Consumption and Urban Sprawl: Evidence for the Spanish Case

Professor Fernando Rubiera-Morollón - Associate Professor of Applied Economics - Universidad de Oviedo

23rd February 2017

17th February 2017

Bank Concentration, Regionalisation and Internet Banking in Europe

Minyan Zhu - Lecturer in Economics - University of Reading

10th February 2017

20th January 2017

Multidimensional Second-Price and English Auctions

Dr Seungwon (Eugene) Jeong - Lecturer - University of Bristol

7th October 2016

Quality, Involvement, Flow: The Systemic Organization

Dr Domenico Lepore - Co-founder - Intelligent Management Inc. Canada (et al.)

6th October 2016

Determination of Synthetic Indicators using a Double Reference Point Multi-criteria Scheme

Dr Francisco Ruiz - Professor of Quantitative Methods for Economy - The University of Málaga

23rd September 2016

Cheap Talk Advertising in Auctions: Horizontally vs Vertically Differentiated Products

Dr Daniel Z. Li - Lecturer in Economics - University of Durham

16th June 2016

Pitching Research Seminar

Professor Robert Faff - Director of Reearch - UQ Business School, The University of Queensland, Australia

27th May 2016

Waste management strategies: empirical findings on perishable food products

Dr Jelena Vlajic - Lecturer - Queen's University Belfast

29th April 2016

An Application of Particle Swarm Optimization to Portfolio Selection Problems

Dr Giacomo di Tollo - Postdoctoral Researcher - University G.D'Annunzio

12th February 2016

5th February 2016

4th December 2015

A Robust Perspective on Transaction Costs in Portfolio Optimization

Professor Victor DeMiguel - Professor of Management Science and Operations - London Business School

6th November 2015

Analytical models for cookies treatment in data management platforms related to digital advertising and e-crm

Professor Furio Camillo - Professor of Business Statistics at the Department of Statistics - University of Bologna

30th October 2015

Pricing Sponsored Content in Wireless Networks with Multiple Content Providers

Dr Yue Jin - Member of Technical Staff - Bell Labs Ireland

25th September 2015

Scheduling Philae's Science Campaign Using Constraint Programming

Dr Emmanuel Hebrard - Researcher at the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems - University of Toulouse, France

7th September 2015

Tutorial on Vehicle Routing

Gilbert Laporte - Research Chair in Distribution Management - HEC Montreal

17th July 2015

The Impact of Pricing Decisions in a Business-to-Business environment

Professor Christopher S Tang - Professor - Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration, UCLA Anderson School

22nd May 2015

27th March 2015

Personal values meet credit-scoring modeling: a new frontier in the financial prediction

Caterina Liberati - Assistant Professor - University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

20th March 2015

Combinatorial Optimization for Workload Dispatching on the EURORA Supercomputer

Dr Michele Lombardi - University of Bologna, Italy

27th February 2015

A Financial Stress Index Approach for Assessing Systemic Risk Interactions between the US and Europe

Professor Dieter Gramlich - Professor of Banking - Baden­‐Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University

25th February 2015

Simple Poverty Scorecards

Dr Mark Schreiner - Microfinance Risk Management, L.L.C. ( - Washington University in Saint Louis, US

23rd January 2015

On the aircraft conflict detection and resolution problem: A multi-objective MINLP optimization

F. Javier Martin-Campo - Assistant Professor - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

10th December 2014

Bridging the gap between forecasting and stock control: the case of safety stock calculations

Professor Aris A. Syntetos - Business School, Cardiff University

31st October 2014

Competition and Risk in Worldwide Investment Banking

Dr Nemanja Radic - Business School, Middlesex University, London

12th September 2014

Resampling in DEA

Dr Kaoru Tone - Professor Emeritus - Heriot-Watt University

6th June 2014

Practical experiences from credit risk projects for micro-entrepreneurs

Dr Cristian Bravo - Universidad de Talca, Chile

21st March 2014

Optimal timing posting direct price under marketing channel conflict

Kenji Matsui - Associate Professor - University of Kobe, Japan

7th March 2014

Vertical Integration, Information and Foreclosure

Professor Patrick Rey - University of Toulouse

7th February 2014

The Relationship between Retail Marketing and Logistics: Fulfilling Consumer Demands in a Changing Retail Space

Professor David Grant - Professor of Logistics and Associate Dean - University of Hull Business School

22nd November 2013

1st November 2013

Discrete Level Support Vector Machines

Prof Dolores Romero Morales - Keynote speaker - Said Business School, University of Oxford

17th October 2013

Do information-based performance measures bring new insights into systems' performance?

Dr Gerry Frizelle - Keynote speaker - Cambridge Institute of Manufacturing

12th September 2013

Design of Genetic Algorithms for Dynamic Optimization Problems

Professor Aziz Ettouhami - Universite Mohamed V, Research Laboratory on Design and Systems, Rabat, Morocco (et al.)

24th July 2013

Scenario Bundling for a pre-disaster Planning Problem

Dr Steven Prestwich - Department of Computer Science - University College Cork Academic Seminars; Management Science and Business Economics Seminar