Details of the faculty led project which draws attention to corporate green-washing and its effect on accounting standards and guidance.

Creative accounting: reporting of purchased (Scope 2) emissions

A look at the impact of Dr Matthew Brander's research into "Creative Accounting: A critical perspective on the market-based method for reporting purchased electricity (scope 2) emissions".

More than 350 global listed companies spend approximately $150 million per year on renewable energy certificates in order to claim to have reduced emissions. However, research from the University of Edinburgh Business School shows this practice misleads consumers, investors, and other stakeholders, and does not increase renewable energy generation or reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.

The research and ongoing engagement has directly influenced new international greenhouse gas accounting standards and guidance (ISO 14064-1 and UK Government guidance) to ensure better practice and environmental integrity.


Francisco Ascui Headshot

Francisco Ascui

Senior Lecturer in Business and Climate Change

Matthew Brander Headshot

Matthew Brander

Senior Lecturer in Carbon Accounting and Director, MSc Carbon Finance