Research undertaken by Kenneth Amaeshi on Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria has shaped understanding and practice of CSR in Nigeria in terms of regulatory changes, policy changes, and in commercial terms.

Amaeshi’s research on Africapitalism and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), embodied in the M.I.N.D (Map, Identify, Negotiate, Develop) practical tool, is widely used to support sustainability policy and practice in Nigeria. The research has:

  • directly informed the sustainable development sections of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria’s Corporate Governance Code.
  • led to changes in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria’s professional curriculum.
  • underpinned the implementation of CSR in industrial and finance corporations in Nigeria.
  • shaped discussions on CSR nationally and internationally through the Central Bank of Nigeria and the President of Nigeria’s Private Sector Advisory Group, and the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.


Kenneth Amaeshi

Kenneth Amaeshi

Chair in Business and Sustainable Development and Director of the Sustainable Business Initiative