Details of the impact of our faculty's research into extended working life policies and age-inclusive practices.

Older workers – reducing barriers to employment for over 50s in Scotland

A look at the impact of the research of Professor Wendy Loretto and Dr Laura Airey on "Reducing Barriers to the Employment for Over 50s in Scotland".

Wendy Loretto and Laura Airey's research focuses on the implications of extended working life policies for employers and older workers. Their research has:

  • Informed Scottish Government policies to improve older workers' labour market position. The research has been cited in the Older People's Framework, the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan, and the Women Returners Programme.
  • Underpinned development of Age Scotland's Age Inclusive Matrix (AIM). This innovative HR consultancy service supports businesses to develop age-inclusive workplace policies and practices.
  • Raised the profile of 'age-inclusion' within the Equality, Diversion, and Inclusion agenda among Scottish employers. Key strategic organisations now collaborate to promote age-inclusive workplaces.


Laura Airey Headshot

Laura Airey

Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager: Supporting Healthy Ageing at Work (SHAW) study

Wendy Loretto Headshot

Wendy Loretto

Dean of the Business School and Professor of Organisational Behaviour

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Supporting Healthy Ageing at Work (SHAW)

SHAW is a three year study in which Business School academics will work with employers, employees, professional bodies, and other key stakeholders, to deepen understanding of how work and health are intertwined in older workers' everyday lives. The aim of the study is to design innovative workplace interventions to support the health and wellbeing of older workers (aged 50+).