Details of research and impact activities undertaken by our faculty around the theme of building team resilience.

Resilience is the ability to function in difficult conditions, including recovering quickly from shocks. This impact case is based on research into how teams and organisations deal with adversity in a variety of contexts. These include:

  • Manufacturers recovering from a major earthquake
  • Auto companies dealing with hyper-competitive conditions
  • Flight crew dealing with unexpected events

We have put over 900 participants through an intensive programme to test and develop team resilience, run 19 events for a variety of non-academic audiences comprising nearly 800 delegates in total, and provided multiple commentaries on resilience issues on TV, radio, and news channels.


Thomas Calvard Headshot

Thomas Calvard

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Director, MSc IHRM & HRM (S1)

Kristina Potočnik Headshot

Kristina Potočnik

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Head of Organisation Studies Group

Maurizio Tomasella Headshot

Maurizio Tomasella

Chancellor's Fellow - Lecturer in Management Science

Nick Oliver

Nick Oliver, Professor of Management, was an instrumental figure in the project's initiation. However, sadly Nick passed away in July 2020.