Explore the cutting-edge world of contemporary research with our video series, which features some of the School’s pioneering researchers who are shaping the future across diverse disciplines. Featuring Mary Brennan, Theo Cojoianu, Jakov Jandric and Wendy Loretto, Stephen Osborne, Matthew Brander, and Jake Ansell.

In Conversation with Mary Brennan: Revolutionising Food Systems

Mary Brennan discusses her research on food systems transformation and its positive impact on helping to create a sustainable future in Scotland.

In Conversation with Theo Cojoianu: The Contribution of Finance to Sustainable Development

Theodor Cojoianu discusses his research on the contribution of finance to sustainable development and its positive impact in shaping the economy of tomorrow.

Fostering Health and Age-Inclusive Work Environments

Part of impactful and interrelated strands of research in Organisation Studies, Wendy Loretto, Belinda Steffan and Jakov Jandric undertake research that addresses age discrimination and creating age-inclusive work environments.

In Conversation with Stephen Osborne: Citizen-Centred Public Services

Stephen Osborne discusses public services research and its positive impact in providing resources for citizens to build value in their own lives.

In Conversation with Matthew Brander: Improving Greenhouse Gas Accounting Practices

Mathew Brander discusses his research on greenhouse gas accounting and its positive impact in addressing climate change.

In Conversation with Jake Ansell: Educating for Financial Empowerment

Jake Ansell discusses his and Tina Harrison’s research on financial education and its positive impact on government policy, student performance, financial confidence.