6 December 2019

Building on the work of the Horizon 2020 CoVAL project, next year's conference features a track chaired by University of Edinburgh Business School staff members Stephen Osborne and Kirsty Strokosch.
CoVAL Conference 2020 Madrid: View of Madrid Skyline

Conference Overview

CoVAL & RESER International Conference: 'Value Co-creation, Innovation and Digital Transformation in Public Services'
18 to 19 June 2020
University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain

The traditional top-down view of public service production does not adequately support our understanding of value creation. Public value creation is the fundamental goal of all public services, but there is a need to explore the process of value creation in greater depth, including the role various actors play at different stages of the production process and how new technologies support or constrain the process. As a result, a new research agenda is required to help unlock the potential transformative power of a multi-actor approach.

The conference builds on the work undertaken by the Horizon 2020 CoVAL project in an effort to explore the latest trends in public service research. It will be organised around the following tracks:

  • Track 1: Value co-creation in public services
  • Track 2: Service innovation and innovation ecosystems in public services
  • Track 3: Digital transformation in public services
  • Track 4: Measuring value co-creation and innovation in public services
  • Track 5: Service design and co-creation methods for public services
  • Track 6: Living-labs and co-creation spaces for public services
  • Track 7: Lessons learned from private sector
  • Track 8: Public services in developing countries
  • Track 9: Practitioners track on policy actions and cases for public sector transformation

Stay tuned on the CoVAL website for more information on the submission of papers, conference registration details, and agenda:

CoVAL Conference 2020